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Cristiano Ronaldo seems to have ended his battle with Lionel Messi. This is by leaving Real Madrid and La Liga behind. Barcelona boss Ernesto Valverde thought so. Cristiano Ronaldo’s time in Spain, saw him pitted against Messi as El Clasico rivals. Real and Barcelona battled it out. And the duo went head-to-head for the Ballon d’Or award. As an aside – with honours even since Kaka beat them both to the prize in 2007.

Ronaldo At Practice Seccions

Ronaldo and Lionel Messi will not face off this season. Although if Barcelona take on Juventus in the Champions League they will meet. Also Valverde claims the fact the pair will be playing in separate leagues means their battle has come to an end because they will not be facing off.

“Ronaldo leaving would seem to have ended the competition between Leo Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo because people rarely mention one without mentioning the other,” Valverde told Barcelona’s official website.

“A lot of people are interested, me too. To see how it will affect Real Madrid’s football and what they might do in the transfer market. Also knowing that Ronaldo is at another club. What that might mean for La Liga and the Champions League too,” Valverde added.

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