Multibet involves placing several bets as one so that you can raise the odds of the game. The odd are the specific amounts of  the number that you will multiply the stake with. Also it is important to know that the only rule too this is that all the games you place in the specific bet are winning. Failure to win one will automatically mean you lost the bet.

Multibet: Why People Lose in Multibets

MUltibet prediction is hard because involves several individual bets that could have very varied results.  In multi bets prediction needs to be individually analysed, each by its own. This is because a game with the smallest odds can lead to the loss of the whole bet.

Art of Multibets

The greatest mistake especially in Kenya is the last game. People place these last games in a rush however they do not get to see the full analysis of the game and so it leads them to lose entire bets

Multibet Best Timing

Multibets are likely to be frequent where there are many games being played in a certain time frame. The more the games the more the odds of winning a multibet. That is why you will find a lot of people placing multibets at weekends when the majority of games are being played.

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