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A player chooses to remain at a club for many reasons. The other clubs are always on the look out for the best performing players in the leagues, when they scout a potential player that they would like, the process begins. Sometimes the players opt not to move this is due to many factors. Family is number one among these factors. When a player has settled in an area, the wife and the kids are working and school the player may not be really exited to move.

Moving from a club to another club may be bad for a player. This is  because a player maybe performing at his current club. The move to another club may result to the player reducing the performance. it may be as a result of many things like if they do not fit with the other players, the environment may not be conducive also everything maybe okay but still the player does not perform that iswhy players do not like to move from club to club.

Soccerway; Legacy Building

Some players want to build a legacy for themselves and thus they may not be very interested to move to any other club

Barcelona Legend Lionel Messi

Messi has made his name in one club and he continues to do so even today. Every season he comes up and proves why he is still the best in the world of football.

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