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Sure draw bet, betting has many types of bets, most of people prefer to place less risky bets. This is by using the double chance method and the draw no bet option. Double chance method includes home or away, away or draw and home/draw. using these two options give you the chance to have more chances at winning.

Weekend is the time most people like to bet. This is because they are free from their daily work schedules. Also during the weekend is the time that most games are played thus it makes more sense to place most bets on weekends.

Suarez and Messi

Placing more than 5 games on a single bet except for the jackpot is considered risky. The rule of thumb is that you place less than five games and a reasonable stake to have maximum fun while betting.

Wins7m Why Sportpesagoals

Sportpesa goals has been on the forefront of changing the normal betting behavior. This is betting without analysis, it is dangerous as it can result to the loss of money. If you lose many times you are likely to get fend up of betting. That is why we are on the forefront of championing for use of betting tips for each time you want to place a bet.

In Kenya thereĀ  has been a stream of millionaires that are coming up from betting. Winning millions of money will not only change your life but the life of all those close to you and the country as a whole. Sportpesagoals everyone is a winner.